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The Music


Sisters Eva, Hannah, Sarah and Liza Holbrook are twenty-something women, born in a five-year span and raised in a bohemian, art-loving family in Fort Collins, CO. Each found an instrument to master early on, studying classical music while composing and arranging unique works for their anomalous instrumentation, violin, mandolin, piano and drums. They gained performing experience working with their songwriter father, and soon had festival promoters and media figures championing their fresh, intricately drawn sound. 

In a new music scene that’s crowded, genre-twisting and attuned to mastery in live performance, SHEL’s spellbinding live performances tap deep skills as instrumentalists and total trust to generate improbable power on stage. They share some contemporary musical DNA with Americana bands, Punch Brothers and Crooked Still, but just as surely with adventuresome artists such as tUnE-yArDs, St. Vincent and Alt-J.  The future belongs to artists who go beyond mere genre blending by focusing on their inner music and the four powerful personalities of SHEL do just that.

J Shogren Shanghai'd

J Shogren Shanghai’d from Centennial WY (pop 100, 4 bars) have a singular vision of what they are doing musically—Roots & folk music filtered through a contemporary dissonant transmitter.

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, Shogren’s backstory is kinda wild…musician trapper economist janitor who worked for the King of Sweden and President Clinton…and writes songs about Salvation and Lutefisk.

Shogren calls their music “catawampus american music”. He shows up with a lived-in rasp of a voice, acoustic guitars, a mandolin and a batch of his own songs and some well-traveled numbers by cohorts from another time. Shogren has released numerous albums over the last decade, played all over the Rocky Mtn region & Europe, and International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

Shogren played the Lincoln Center in NYC and the Kennedy Center in Wash DC (with Max Hatt & Edda Glass), as part of the NewSong Music Series.

Todd Dereemer Band

Todd Dereemer comes from a long line of Wyoming ranchers and musicians. He is a fourth-generation Wyoming native as his family homesteaded here over 120 years ago. As a singer/songwriter, Todd combines his life experiences and western heritage into his music. Todd’s songs are a diary of life, both his and others. His heartfelt lyrics and smooth voice have won him a loyal following in Wyoming and beyond. He has lived and performed in France and throughout the U.S. Todd’s musical approach falls somewhere between Woody Guthrie and Randy Travis. Todd has three independently released CDs with original songs written and performed by him. 

DJ Hijinx

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, DJ Hijinx blends the best of both coasts. For the past 10 years, audiences have listened to thousands of performances by DJ Hijinx. Hijinx has mastered the art of seamlessly mixing from one music genre to another uniting sounds and ideas harmonically across the board. Magically, time and sound bend to connect decades of music creating a unique blend that spans generations of listeners.

As Hijinx continued to progress as a DJ, he realized that he was born to perform. His skills and hard work led him to his dream job. His passion for music and people allows him to truly love what he does. DJ Hijinx continues to expand his skill set, with the ultimate goal of creating unique mixes for the stage, motion picture and broadcast industry.